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Tibetan network of trust ཡིད་ཆེས་

 Nïngtam is dedicated to cultivating bonds of trust and kindness among Tibetans, across all forms of vulnerability and difference. In alignment with those values, you’ll find a global guestbook of Tibetans below.

Thank you for your well wishes, we are no longer accepting guestbook signatures. To keep yourself informed on LGBTQIA+ perspectives in our community, follow the collaborative Tibetan Equality Project.



Gangkar Lhamo / Gathar, Minyag Rabgang, Eastern Tibet:

བོད་ཀྱི་སྙིང་གཏམ་གྱིས་སྐྱེ་འགྲོ་ཡོངས་ལ་སྙིང་སྟོབས་དང་བརྩེ་བ། བདེ་སྐྱིད་སྐྲུན་པར་ཤོག

Tenzin Chokey Ginguld / Dharamshala / India: “11:30 on a Sunday night and I am elated to find you and the beautiful space you have created through Nyingtam. Your article “An opportunity to reflect: Dalai Lama and the world” brought me to you. A very thoughtful rejoinder. Thank You!”

Tenzin Choezom / Nepal: “Learned about your initiative some time back and coming back to the website and video again after your Tibet TV interview. I am sending you my warm regards, solidarity and support. Lots of love!!!”

Anne Dekyi / Kathmandu / Nepal: “A step in the direction of becoming a truly compassionate and tolerant community.”

Kalsang Rinchen / Dharamsala, H.P. / India: “I support Mingyur’s initiative. Let’s make the community more receptive and understanding to the LGBT community.”

Rigzin Wangmo / New Delhi, NCTD / India: “In solidarity with my LGBT friends. Wonderful initiative!”

Tenzing Sonam / Dharamsala & New Delhi / India: “Very excited to see this much needed initiative.  Please count me among your supporters.”

Tenzin Paldron Tsering / Bangalore, Karnataka / India: “I think this is a brilliant initiative within the present circumstances of Tibetan society.  I hope it will be well received and supported.  Please let me know if I can help in any which way possible.  Please do add me to Ningtam’s list of public supporters.  Best wishes.”

Kaysang T. / Dharamsala, H.P. / India: “LOVE this initiative! We need to talk about LGBTQ+ issues in our community, shake off our blindfolds and make space for EVERYONE. Educate, agitate. *heart*”


Pema Yoko / London & New York City / United Kingdom: “Great initiative.”

Lobsang Dawa / Brussels, Belgium: “About time we have cause on LGBT rights…… full power.”

Tenzin Choekyi / Budapest, Hungary: “This seminal stage will foster a truly caring Tibetan community. In solidarity, always.”

Tenzin Jangchup / Czech Republic: “Hope.”


Tenzin Dolmey Pesur / Melbourne / Australia: “I am ready for an inclusive and accepting community. Love and solidarity.”

Turtle Island

Rigdzin Tingkhye / Seattle, Washington / USA: སེམས་པ་བཟང་ན་ས་དང་ལམ་ཡང་བཟང། – “If the heart is kind, a kind path and kind earth will follow.

Tenzin Tsomo / Seattle, Washington / USA / “Finally!  Great idea and initiative.  Definitely needed one of these.  Good job!”

Tenzin Dolkar / El Sobrante, CA / USA: “What a great idea!  My best wishes!! :)”

Tsering Wangmo / Santa Cruz, California / USA: “All the best.”

Rigzin Namgyal / San Francisco, CA / USA: “Keep up the great work.”

Dawa L. / Boulder, Colorado / USA: “Yay!  Finally.”

Tenzin Lhaze / Singapore & Missoula, Montana (USA): “A great platform for unrepresented voices.”

Cheme Kartsang / New York City, Portland, Minneapolis / USA: “Joining as an ally and supporting my frd from Seattle.. .. Great website btw!!! Congratulations and good luck from NYC /Pdx/mn.”

Pema Khando / Minneapolis, MN / USA: “Standing in solidarity and much love for this initiative. It’s movements like this that can begin to heal the world.

Tenzin Tsetan Lobsang / Fridley, Minnesota / USA: “A wonderful initiative. You have my full support!”

Shinsang Tsanjhang / New Brighton, Minnesota / USA: “In solidarity!”

Tenzin Choerap / Blaine, Minnesota / USA: “I stand firmly with this initiative! #BeautifulSpace”

Tenzin Nordon / Minneapolis, Minnesota / USA: “I wholeheartedly support Nyingtam, and I believe it has the potential to positively transform our communities!”

Lhakpa Butia / Chicago, Illinois / USA: “Wow — So deeply grateful for ningtam creating a safe space that encourages different lived experiences in the Tibetan community. It is time we start unlearning the harmful ways we discourage non-confirming narratives in our community. In solidarity with Tibetan LGBTQ folks. In solidarity. In solidarity. In solidarity.”

Rinchen Dolma / North Carolina / USA: “This is wonderful.  Joining as an ally.”

Tashi Rabgey / Washington D.C. / USA: “In solidarity.”

Tenzin Kunsang Tashi / Washington D.C. / USA: “A brave and much needed initiative.  Thank you for creating this safe space for an open conversation on LGBT issues within the Tibetan community.  Most of all, thank you for spreading the love.  I wholeheartedly support Ningtam!”

Losang Rabgey / Washington D.C. / USA: “In solidarity with you.”

Tenzin Lhadon / Washington D.C. / USA: “Ally for equality.  Always!”

Tenzin Nangkyi / Arlington, Virginia / USA: “In solidarity, now and always.”

Mila Samdub / Annandale-on-Hudson, New York / USA: “A great idea! My support for the LGBTQ tib community.”

Tenzin Dolker / New York, New York / USA: “Joining as an ally!”

Tenzin Tsetan / New York, New York / USA: “Best wishes.”

Lekey Leidecker / Brooklyn, New York / USA: “Beautiful way to grow support for Tibetans of diverse genders and sexualities!  Will always be best ally possible.”

Chimme Dolkar / Astoria, New York / USA: “Kudos to the founders…a cause we definitely need to address and understand.”

Kunsang Palmo / New York, New York / USA: “My heart welled up when I saw this.”

Dorjee Dolma / New York, New York / USA: “Great initiative and thanks for creating this space/hub!”

Tenying Yangsel / New York, New York / USA: “Much needed initiative. So much for us to learn and share. With love, peace and solidarity.”

Tsewang Lhamo / New York, New York / USA: “I’ve always wondered where one can look for LGBTQ support in the Tibetan community. Ningtam is truly amazing in creating this for the people who often feel out of place. Thank you so much! You completely have my support!”

Tenzin Palzom / New York, New York (Queens) / USA: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Pema Doma / New York, New York / USA: “To all the LGBTQ+ Tibetans, you are not alone. In solidarity, an ally.”

Anna Tsomo Leidecker / Brooklyn, New York / USA: “Ningtam is beautiful and important, as are LGBTQ+ Tibetans. In solidarity.”

Tenzin Yewong / Boston, Massachusetts / USA: “This is a great initiative, I fully support it.  With love and solidarity.”

Lé Dongday / Cambridge, Massachusetts / USA: “It is time we practice what we preach and allow equal love for all. Thank you for this beautiful contribution to our Tibetan society.”

Sonam Dolker / Pennsylvania / USA: “”Same Love” – It’s time we start representing all of our people. Great initiative!”

Tenzin Lobsang / Ottawa, Ontario / Canada: “Joining the list as an ally.”

Tenzin Nawang / Toronto, Ontario / Canada: “As an ally, I am encouraged to see this courageous initiative.  Best wishes in your efforts to create meaningful change in our community.”

Tsering Dolma / Toronto, Ontario / Canada: “Joining as an ally. Tashi Delek!”

Tenzin Choedon / Toronto, Ontario / Canada: “A much needed platform. Ally all the way!”

Lodoe Laura / Toronto, Ontario / Canada: “Solidarity.”

Kalsang Youdon / Toronto, Ontario / Canada: “Joining as an ally. Great website!”

Rinchen Dolma / Toronto, Ontario / Canada: “Beautiful initiative that really challenges our community to exercise true compassion and also gives us an opportunity to learn and grow together.  This is community building.  In solidarity!”

Youdon Tsamtshang / Toronto, Ontario / Canada: “Self-acceptance is where the path to happiness starts… This is a great initiative!”

Kunsang Kyirong / Montreal, Quebec / Canada: “Amazing! In solidarity!”


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