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A film poem སྒྲུང་

The film: Youtube | Vimeo

Director’s note on the first Tibetan LGBTQ+ film. Features an all-Tibetan cast of volunteers from the Tibetan diaspora with music by Tshedzom.

Assistant Directing and Cinematography by Michele Gomes and Jenny Ting of Interchange Media.

Filmed 29-30 Oct 2016 on Duwamish lands in Seattle, Washington. Space generously donated by 18th & Union.

Tibet TV, 2018 [YouTube | Facebook].

Diasphoria Bazaar at Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, New York City 2018.

Short Film finalist, Shanghai Pride Film Festival, 2018.

Machik Weekend, New York City 2016 and 2017.

Expenditure reimbursement campaign completed January 2017.